Dear Parents;


We hope that you and your families continue to be safe and healthy.  As California progresses through Phase 2 of the Resilience Roadmap, Montessori Learning Center is working on reopening.  The School will be opening in stages, in a limited capacity, with limited hours.  We are starting with our Pre-School through Pre-K Programs only, from 8 AM to 5 PM on June 1st.   At this time the Infant Center and Elementary Programs will remained closed, and will be phased in gradually. As California progresses through the Resilience Roadmap, we hope to re-open the Infant Center and Elementary Programs and to return to operating at full capacity in the near future.

Due to the challenges of COVID-19, we are implementing changes to our procedures, policies and hours to keep both children and staff safe.  Childcare is considered an essential function by the State of California.  Per the Governor’s Executive Order dated March 19, 2020, we must give priority to children of essential workers.  Due to our limited capacity and in order to comply with the Executive Order, please e-mail us at with the following information by Wednesday, May 27, 2020:

1)      Are you an Essential Worker?

2)      Will your child will be attending Montessori Learning Center on June 1st?

As we are all aware, COVID-19 may be anywhere including in essential places of business.  In order to protect your health and ours, we are asking you to partner with us so that we can help each other be safe.  If your child will be attending our program, we will provide you with a copy of our revised policies and procedures to keep your child safe.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to re-open Montessori Learning Center. 

Please download, sign and return Enrolment form for returning students


Welcome to Montessori Learning Center! We care for children from infancy through Elementary school age. We have a wonderful, long-term staff who encourages and fosters your child’s love of learning.
Dr. Montessori believed that children learn through their environment, so we have designed our classrooms to promote independence, concentration, and order. Children learn through manipulatives that Dr. Montessori designed herself.
We are looking forward to a year that’s full of discovery, learning and fun!

Licence: Infant 304370922 / Preschool 304370921